This Is Why I Run

I don’t hold any records.  I don’t train for races.  I will even admit that I don’t run very fast by most standards. But I have run for years and plan to continue running as long as I can. I started running years ago when it was the only solitude I got as a stay at home mother of three.

As far as I can figure out this is why I run:

  • Because I can.
  • The meditative effect being alone provides.
  • I feel capable of conquering the world at mile 1.
  • Nothing else I do makes me feel as alive as I do around mile 2.
  • I can solve a lot of problems in my head around mile 3.
  • Insomnia is non-existent if I hit mile 4.
  • I am a rock star in my own mind for anything after mile 5.
  • Circulation does incredible things for creativity, focus and productivity post-run.
  • Physical exhaustion is an under utilized feeling these days.

I have been meaning to try yoga or something else slower paced for some time, but find I just don’t have the patience for it right now.  I guess I will slow down when I slow down.  At this point in my life I like to go fast.  This is why I run.


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