Things I Will Do When My Kids No Longer Play Sports

As parents of kids that play sports, we make sacrifices.  We sacrifice our time, our money and a few gray hairs so that our children can be healthy, well-rounded individuals.  We often times dream of reclaiming a bit of our life that is currently spent on all things sports related. This is my list:

Ten Things I will do when my kids no longer play sports:

  1. Enjoy a mid-winter vacation somewhere other than the tournament-city destination.  Duluth in January is nice, but…
  2. Own outer wear in non-team colors.
  3. Drive a vehicle that does not require 5 tons cargo space and gets more than 5 miles/gallon.
  4. Enjoy dinner out somewhere other than Buffalo Wild Wings.
  5. Have fingernails during try-out season.
  6. Probably never use the “sanitize” feature on my washer again.
  7. Know more about attractions in local cities other than the size of their Rec Center.
  8. Take out of my “favorites” list.
  9. Read books other than The Baffled Parents Guide to Coaching Girls Lacrosse, 2011 Official Rule Book for Youth Soccer and The Talent Code.
  10. Miss meeting fantastic families that I may otherwise never have crossed paths with, if it weren’t for the common interest of our children’s athletic preferences.

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