Developing a Support System


Support System

Sadly, it often times isn’t an enemy or foe that keeps us from reaching our goals, it’s our loved ones and family.  By demanding your attention and asking you to put their needs ahead of your own they are jeopardizing your health without even knowing it.  When deciding on a new lifestyle it is important to for those in your life to understand what you are trying to do and why it is important to you.

Identifying a support system and enlisting their help will play a big role in your weight loss success.  Surround yourself with people that will understand your goals and will assist you in achieving them and steer clear of those that try to sabotage your efforts.  Identify people that will help you:

Eat healthy foods Be more active 
Serve healthy option for meals Go for a walk or run with you
Eat healthy foods when you are around Plan social events around being active
Clear the table and put away leftovers Praise you when you do a scheduled activity but don’t remind you when you don’t
Help with shopping for and cooking healthy meals Baby-sit so I can take a walk
Encourage you to try new fruits, vegetables or whole grains
Praise your efforts to eat healthier foods

If you don’t have a person, or group of people that will help you stay accountable in person, you may want to consider an online club.  There are workout groups, online forums and support groups that will encourage and motivate you to do your workouts and eat healthy.  Surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals will help you stay focused on your goals, whether in person or online.  


Take Away:  

  • Develop a support system that you can relying for help when you need it.  Consider online groups if your current social circle doesn’t share your new attitude toward health and fitness.

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