Nutrition Facts


Nutrition Facts  

There are several nutrition facts that will help you if you want to lose weight:

Fact #1 Not all calories are created equal.  

We learned a few lessons ago that weight loss a simple calories consumed < calories burned = weight loss  equation.  However, how you fill those calories consumed will determine your hunger level, cravings an energy level.

200 calories worth of whole wheat pasta contains 6 grams of fiber, 7 grams of protein and 1.5 grams of fat.

200 calories worth of Cheetos contains  0 grams of fiber and 4 grams of protein and 13 grams of fat.

The whole wheat pasta will definitely keep you feeling full longer and provide your body with necessary nutrients, where as the Cheetos will leave you just as hungry as when you started.

Fact #2  Food companies are not interested in what is best for our bodies. 

Hard to believe, I know, but true.  These billion dollar corporations are a for profit business that are concerned with selling their products to consumers.  This is where all the confusing labeling and deceiving marketing like ‘low fat’, ‘whole grain’, ‘sugar free’ come in to play.  If you need to spend too much time reading the label to figure out if it’s healthy or not, put it back and grab something else like an apple.

Fact #3  Your body is a highly capable machine. 

Your metabolism cannot be “tricked” by eating certain foods at certain time in certain combinations.

Your body is capable of cleansing itself and doesn’t need an expensive chemical bath to do the job.

You cannot “trick” the body into burning more of less calories by manipulating meal frequency.  You will burn what you need and store excess as fat.

Your body doesn’t need mega doses of vitamins and minerals everyday and you will end up flushing the excess down the toilet, literally.

While you can, and should strive to, get all the nutrients you need from whole foods, if your diet isn’t quite delivering everything you need daily, supplements may help get the job done and can be used as a back up plan.

Eat clean, whole, unprocessed foods and your metabolism will do it’s job, your insides will be clean and function properly and you will get all the nutrients your body needs.

Bottom line is that your body uses the calories you consume as fuel.  Clean burning fuel provides an efficient running machine.  Excess will be stored as fat.


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