Menu Make Over


Menu Make-Over 

There are many ways to cut down on fat and calories in you menus.

Smaller Sizes: Enjoy your favorite foods, just eat less of them.  Measure your food and eat appropriate sized portions and record them accurately.

Substitutions:  Try something similar, but more healthy.  For example, instead of potato chips try popcorn, yogurt instead of sour cream.

Alternative versions: For most high fat, high calorie foods there are healthier alternatives.

Preparation:  The way you prepare food can cut down on fat and calories. Examples are baking vs. frying, stir-fry instead of sauté. Use low fat flavorings and spices.

Frequency:  If there are certain ‘must haves’ that no amount of altering or substituting will do, don’t deny yourself of it altogether.  Reserve it as a special meal or treat and allow yourself that indulgence occasionally.

Small changes can make a big difference in the amount of calories consumed on a daily basis.

Write down foods that you know are stopping you from reaching your goals.  Pick one or more ways to make-over how you will deal with that food in the future.


Take Away:  Apply some of the make-over techniques to your current favorites.  See where you can save some fat and calories everyday.

Worksheet:  Foods that need to go from my diet.  Fill in others that you could switch up.

Foods that need changing in my diet Ways to Make-Over 
Alternative Version Substitute for this Prepare differently Eat less often Eat smaller size
Ice Cream Low fat ice cream Greek Yogurt Once a month One serving size from a dish, not the  carton
Whole milk Skim Milk Almond or soy milk
Doughnut Apple
White Bread Thin sliced for fewer calories Whole Wheat Bread Use one slice for open-faced sandwich instead of two
Fish Fry Baked fish
Fried egg Poached, boiled or scrambled egg
Pancakes with syrup Pancakes with crushed berries

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