Food as Fuel

What is your relationship with food?

We have become a society obsessed with food.  It is the core of everything we do.  We have become programmed to think about food at every turn: romance =  restaurant food, busy = fast food, diet = health food, T.V. = junk food, party = snack food, weight loss = diet food, quick fix = supplements, no time = convenience foods, muscle = bodybuilding food, reward = food, food, food.

Food is the answer to everything, apparently.

What if it’s not?

What if food is simply fuel for living and sustaining our bodies.  That’s all.  Food should not be seen as a reward for a job well done or a pacifier to soothe a troubled soul. It should not be used as a reward for good behavior, a comfort when you are distressed or a time filler when you’re bored.  If food is your feel good crutch and you try to take it away, you will leave yourself feeling more deprived than ever.  This is a sure way to set yourself up for failure.

What if we just… ate less food?  What if we just ate what and how much we need to fuel ourselves.  What if we don’t stuff ourselves at every opportunity just because there is food available.  What if we quit eating when we were full and realized that we will be able to eat more food when we are hungry again.

What if we…  change our relationship with food?  What if we found other ways to entertain, comfort or reward ourselves. What if we stop allowing advertisers tell us when and what we want to eat.  We may find that food isn’t necessarily the bad guy and that it was us all along that made it that way.

In order to be successful in keeping weight off you will need to change your mind set about how you view the food you eat.  Food needs to be seen as the fuel your body needs to perform well.   Good food choices will enhance your body’s performance and poor food choices will inhibit your body from performing at its peak.  Junk in, junk out.  You will need to come up with alternate ways to reward yourself and soothe yourself when times are stressful.

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