Ten Gifts of Health, Wellness and Fitness

Are you a fitness enthusiast looking to recruit friends and family to your cult?  Do you have a hard to buy for health nut on your list?  Do you simply want to promote health and wellness this year instead of the passive lethargy of video games, movies and endless seasons of TV shows?  Whatever your motivation, this year give gifts that go beyond ‘stuff’ under the tree and provide your friends and family with the tools for a healthier, happier year ahead.


1. A new routine.  There are great new videos available to keep boredom at bay when it’s too cold to go outside. There are a variety of options for every kind of workout including well known favorites such as P90X and Insanity and some of the latest are designed with efficiency in mind, running only 30 minutes or less such as T25 or P90X3 (coming soon).  No more excuses of not enough time to work out.


2. Accountability.  There are great gadgets out there that allow you to set goals and be accountable to yourself for achieving them.  The Nike Fuel Band and Fit Bit will track your steps and other parameters so you can continually reach higher levels of fitness.  These devices are great for any level of fitness and can be especially fun when used to compete against each other.  Great for competitive families.

3. Nutrition.  This is a great option to those already working out or those who just want to make sure they are getting the nutrients they need everyday. Shakeology is one of the best options for a nutrition packed, great tasting shake.  A Nutri-Bullet is another great gift option to whip them up in.

images-44. A new challenge.  Some new equipment can offer a new challenge to both your muscles and your mind.  TRX is a great addition to any fitness room.  It is lightweight and can be tucked into a drawer or cubby when not in use, yet still offers a full body workout without any additional equipment.  Kettlebells are a multi-tasking tool that allows you to get strength, cardio and flexibility all in one workout without taking up too much space.

5. Education.  An online personal training class allows an individual to learn how to make healthy improvements in their every day life to manage their weight for a lifetime.  Books such as The Skinny Rules by Bob Harper or The China Study by T. Colin Campbell may also be good options for those wanting to gain more knowledge in the areas of health and nutrition.

surfshelf with laptop6. Personal Training.  For those already members of a gym or looking into a gym membership, a personal training package can be one of the best investments you can make to ensure the time spent at the gym is getting you closer to your goals.

images-57. Intensity.  A heart rate monitor can help users make sure they are getting into the right  heart rate zone when they train.  Heart rate monitors help keep track of progress and the number of calories burned during a workout.

8. Camaraderie.  Join an online group to keep yourself accountable.  Better yet, join a gym or personal training studio together to keep each other on track and accountable.   Most gyms have short term memberships available to get you through the next few months before you can take your run back outside.

Christmas fitness woman wearing santa hat

9. Inspiration.  Fun new shoes and clothes always make a trip to the gym a little more fun.  A new ipod or yoga mat can also add some excitement to a drab January workout. Even a fun new water bottle or duffle bag can boost the chances of a trip to the gym.  Looking for more inspiration: Sign up together for a local fun run, monster dash or color run in your area and start training together now.

10. Statistics.  For those individuals who are very into the numbers of their athletic endeavors, smart body scales that measures body fat and analyze other measurements may be a great idea.  You can get one that even sends your information out to social media sights for those that work well under the pressure of shame.  Consider yourself warned:  this is NOT a good gift for the self-conscious, weight obsessed individual who’s self esteem is directly tied to the number on the scale. Choose your recipient wisely.


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