Monthly Archives: March 2013

This is Why My Kids Play Sports

Today I watched my daughters team secure a spot in the State Tournament.  The sport is irrelevant. (It is hockey, but that truly doesn’t make a difference).  However they happen to finish at State is also completely irrelevant (to me at least, she may beg to differ).  This season has been incredible, but I am not talking at all about the win/loss column.  I have watched this group of fantastic young women do so many great things this season:

  • I have seen them encourage, support and motivate each other.
  • I have seen them listen to what the coaches tell them and strive to put into action what they have been told.
  • I have seen them high five and fist bump each other after a good play and pat the back of a teammate after a not-so-good play.
  • I have watched them include a player new to the sport, taking the ice for the first time, with open arms.
  • I have watched their genuine concern for teammates that have been injured.
  • I have seen them overcome with emotion and shed tears of pure joy after winning a hard fought tournament.
  • I have seen their disappointment at losing a hard fought tournament and vow to do better next time.
  • I have watched them disagree and fight, then work it out and carry on as a team.
  • Mostly, I have seen them laugh a lot and have fun.

They have learned teamwork, hard work and dedication to something beyond themselves.  Their bodies are conditioned, their minds are focused and their spirits couldn’t be higher. As a parent, I know these are things that will help them in so many other parts of their lives. This is why my kids play sports.